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November 25, 2022

The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved: John, His Community, and His Sources

In this newest video, Dr. Hugo Méndez answers some pressing questions about the Gospel of John's author, audience, key themes, and sources. Dr. Méndez investigates the identity…
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November 8, 2022

The Shepherd of Hermas: An Early Christian Fascination

The Shepherd of Hermas enjoyed a widespread readership from early Christians since its inception. In this video, Chance Bonar (PhD Candidate, Harvard University) not only introduces the…
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October 24, 2022

Eric Ruins The Magi

It’s the Urbs and Polis version of ‘Inside the Actor’s Studio,’ (but for writers)! Shaily Patel interviews Eric Vanden Eykel about how he develops his writing, what…
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September 16, 2022

Titus 1:12 Through An Indigenous Lens

In this video, Dr. Chris Hoklotubbe reads and assesses Titus 1:12 through his own Choctaw lens. Dr. Hoklotubbe pushes back on scholars who have attempted to sweep…
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September 15, 2022

Abject Joy: A Livestream Event with Prof. Ryan Schellenberg

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June 29, 2022

Which History Matters?

In late January 2020, I was lucky enough to see Tutankhamen: Treasures of the Golden Pharoah at the Saatchi Gallery before the tour was prematurely shuttered by…