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  • Richard Fellows says:

    Schellenberg and others are dismissive of Acts, but fail to provide evidence. Here I am hearing innuendo and a lot of fluff, but not substance. Nor was I impressed by his article on “the first Pauline chronologist”. He claims that Paul was of lower social status than Acts implies. However, EA Judge has shown that the name “Paul” was particularly common among those of high status (see his Tyndale Bulletin article on the Roman base of Paul’s mission). More importantly still, many of Paul’s closest companions had Latin praenomina (Titus, 2 Luciuses (including a Luke), 1 or 2 Marks, 3 Gaiuses) and were therefore Roman citizens. Very few non-Romans had a Latin praenomen. All those who accompanied Paul on his evangelistic mission to Macedonia and Achaia had Latin names (Silvanus, Titus-Timothy (who was one person), and Luke). This is surely because they needed Roman citizenship for protection for this dangerous work. Those who claim that Paul was of lower social status need to explain these onomastic data.

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