Meet Our Team

Mark Lamas Jr., PhD

Founder and Contributor

I'm a husband and dad with a mild addiction to Mexican food, punk-rock music, skateboarding, and all things Roman. I have a PhD in Christian Origins from the University of Edinburgh and currently serve as Lecturer in Religious Studies at California State University, Bakersfield.

Helen Bond, PhD

Advisor and Contributor

I’m Professor of Christian Origins and Head of the University of Edinburgh’s School of Divinity – which all sounds very grand for someone from a tiny village in the North-East of England. I’m ridiculously excited by anything to do with the social, cultural, and religious context of earliest Christianity and always keen to talk to people about it. I’ve a sneaky liking for amateur dramatics and love to travel wherever the sun shines.

Adam Winn, PhD

Advisor and Contributor

My wonderful family of three lives in central Texas, where I am Associate Professor of Christian Studies at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor. I hold a PhD in New Testament Studies from Fuller Seminary. In addition to studying early Christian origins, I love good BBQ, almost any food my wife makes, the Oregon Ducks, the Houston Astros, and tropical vacations. My favorite movie is the Big Lebowski--the Dude abides, I don't know about you but I take comfort in that.

Robyn Walsh, PhD

Advisor and Contributor

I was instructed write a “fun” bio for this profile which led me to realize I really don’t have any hobbies anymore as much as I have vices. But I enjoy working and spending time with my family. I am Associate Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity at the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida and my first book, The Origins of Early Christian Literature (2021), was recently published with Cambridge University Press.

Shaily Patel, PhD

Advisor and Contributor

I’m a dog-loving fan of ACC basketball who likes experimental cooking and collecting dice. I have a PhD in Ancient Mediterranean Religions from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and I am currently Assistant Professor of Early Christianity at Virginia Tech, where I teach classes on the New Testament, orthodoxy/heresy, and demonology.

Michael P. Theophilos, PhD

Advisor and Contributor

When I am not deciphering ancient papyri or coins you will typically find me rolling around on a gym mat with other teammates in the early hours of the morning breathing heavily and enjoying the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I have a PhD in first century Greek literature from Oxford University and have the joy and privilege of being an Associate Professor of Biblical Studies and Ancient Languages at the Australian Catholic University.

Christopher Zeichmann, PhD

Adviser and Contributor

Among my students, I’m probably best known for bringing my miniature dachshund to class, but it’s all a ruse to get them interested in classical antiquity and the study of religion. I completed my PhD at Emmanuel College in the University of Toronto. I presently teach at Ryerson University and serve as project manager at Brown University’s Inscriptions of Israel/Palestine project.

Sarah E. Rollens, PhD

Adviser and Contributor

I’m the proud holder of a PhD in the Study of Religion from the University of Toronto, specializing in Religions of Mediterranean Antiquity. I’m currently the R.A. Webb Associate Professor of Religious Studies at Rhodes College, where I research and teach about the texts, experiences, and activities of people we came to call early Christians. I’m also an avid world traveler (favorite spots include Morocco, Italy, Turkey, and Egypt), an enthusiastic listener of The Last Podcast on the Left, and a loyal human companion to a 60-lb Australian Shepherd named Loki.

Katie Turner, PhD

Advisor and Contributor

I am an Independent Researcher and former museum worker with a passion for public history. I hold a PhD in Theology & Religious Studies from King's College London. I'm currently working on my first monograph, entitled, Costuming Christ: Re-Dressing First-Century 'Christians' and 'Jews' in Passion Dramas. I love food markets, a good pint in the summer sun, and pootling around on my bike. I loathe bad data, blue cheese, and writing pithy bios.

Jennifer Quigley, ThD

Adviser and Contributor

When I'm not doing academic things, I am most likely grilling, kayaking, or exploring foodie destinations with my partner Soren. I'm Visiting Assistant Professor in New Testament Language and Literature at Huron University College at Western University, and I hold a ThD from Harvard Divinity School.

Eric Vanden Eykel, PhD

Adviser and Contributor

I'm an Associate Professor of Religion at Ferrum College in Southwest Virginia, where I teach courses on early Christian literature, archaeology, and religion in the United States. I have a PhD in Christian Origins from Marquette University, and in my free time I run and make beer.